Celebrity Bites

My Journey Through Celebrity Style Dieting

10 July
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This LJ is being used as an evaluation of celebrity diets and an exploration of the saying, "You are what you eat."

I am a fourth year English major at York University in Toronto, ON. This experiment is being done as the creative element for the course "From T.S. Eliot to Missy Elliott: Cultures of Sampling, Plagiarism and Appropriation".

Here is some information you might like to know about me: I live at home with my parents, my two younger sisters and our dog in Georgetown, a suburban town on the outskirts of the Greater Toronto Area. I have a very busy schedule that includes school, part-time office work, babysitting for extra cash, friends and my boyfriend. I like to be busy, but it leaves me little time to look after myself properly. I am overweight and suffer from what I would call an average balance between self-love and self-loathing. My own struggles with not only weight, but general body image and health, has been a partial inspiration for this experiment.

My other inspiration for choosing this creative experiment is the way that the "fashionable" celebrity culture and trend-based society that we live in dictates not only how our bodies should appear on the outside (clothes, make-up, accessories, hair styles, etc.) but also what should we should ingest and put on the inside!

I am definitely the last one to put down the "eat healthy and exercise" mantra. I am not out to destroy this very important message that I wish myself and many others would follow more closely. What I do want to examine is the use of the image of the "celebrity" in order to sell us new ways of eating, or not eating. It seems to me that it is no longer only that Paris Hilton has Chanel sunglasses so I want Chanel sunglasses, but it is also that such and such a celebrity follows such and such an eating regimen so I must also follow it, in order to be as glamourous, thin and glowing as they are.

Finally, I have a general interest in the biology of food and the body. I am fascinated with how what we put into our bodies becomes a part of ourselves, be it harmful or helpful. There is a form of regeneration and degeneration that occurs with all that people ingest, and I'd like to link this biological fact to how we psychologically view popular and celebrity diets.